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Foreclosure prevention:

the opportunity Center (OC)


Are you facing foreclosure?

If you are having difficulty meeting your mortgage payments, the Opportunity Center (OC) and Mill Cities Community Investments are here to help.

The Opportunity Center provides foreclosure services. at 517 Moody Street. The center’s goal is to keep people in their homes. The OC provides:

  • Group foreclosure education workshops
  • One-on-one foreclosure prevention counseling
  • Budget counseling
  • Post purchase education
  • Access to additional resources.

If you are worried about your mortgage, acting quickly is the best strategy to prevent the loss of your home.

Stop by the Lowell branch of the OC, located at 517 Moody Street (3rd floor), Lowell, MA 01854, or call Ken at 978-856-6620  to learn more about your options.


CBA founded the Opportunity Center in 2007, as the first spike in foreclosures hit the Greater Lowell communities hard. When the demand for services quadrupled, CBA reached out to Community Teamwork and Lawrence CommunityWorks with a collaborative model to work more productively and efficiently to address the foreclosure crisis. As a result, CBA opened a one-stop center, the Home Preservation Center, in Lowell and became a partner in the Home Preservation Coalition of the Merrimack Valley, a collaboration of agencies serving the entire Merrimack Valley region. Rebranded the Opportunity Center in 2015, the Center serves between 300 and 400 households annually. 

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